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Typeface Studies

Motion Graphics; Print


This goal of this project was to introduce typesetting spreads and ultimately learn the value between content and tone. The typeface I was assigned was Bell Centennial—a typeface created for AT&T's telephone book that would be able to handle new printing technologies. At first I was rather disheartened that I was assigned such a strange looking typeface, but the story behind it made its unique look much more fascinating, so I took what made it unique and put it front and center of the spread. The body text I used for this spread was written through my own research of the typeface. 

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For this project, we had to create a 45-second video about our typeface (Bell Centennial) using Adobe After Effects. Since the video we had to make was so short, I wanted to focus more on the story behind the typeface—how it was made and why it looks the way it does.