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Green City Glass

I was commissioned to design the new logo and brand standards for the company Green City Glass. A company run in partnership with the Vitro Architectural Glass company with the goal to develop and bring locally manufactured energy efficient solar control glass products. 


The beginning designs were extremely experimental as I wanted to find a good way incorporate the companies purpose (glass) while also somehow indicating that it is environmentally friendly and new technology through both color and form. Throughout this process, I took inspiration from the way glass looks and how it is used while also finding inspiration from plants that I tried to implement into the letter 'G'. During this beginning process, I was also requested to play around with a glass pyramid. 

From there I experimented with different colored backgrounds. White ended up making the glass-like letters disappear while green seemed to overtake the entire logo. I decided that a lighter blue or a dark grey would be best to work with. 

I continued to experiment with the glass pyramid idea and incorporated the letters to be a part of it to hopefully form a more dynamic look. After some more discussion between me and the company, we ended up deciding to use the 'G' with the green cut through, so I created different iterations of the letter. In order to create contrast between the final iteration and the background, I placed it on a dark grey to really make the glass, and especially the green stand out on their own. 

Visual Identity