Spotify Alice

Meet Alice! Your Personal Spotify DJ. Alice is a virtual assistant who curates a personalized music experience for the user through emotional sensitivity, user habits, and social media.

Motion | UI/UX |p5.js
Team: Mary Safy, Helen Wu
Fall 2018


01—The Challenge

Conversational agents are a new way to leverage artificial intelligence to provide service and care. We were asked to create a conversational user interface that acts as an AI helper to enhance a service or a user’s experience.


Our group decided to tackle the challenge by scoping the challenge down to key parts what makes a conversational user interface communicative and meaningful:

  • Emotional Range: What is the range of emotion that our prototype should be able to respond to? What type of information should it communicate back?

  • Technical Challenges: What type of libraries are appropriate for exploration? What kind of capabilities can we define for our AI past our working prototype?

  • Visuals: What visual system will we use? What variables must we define?

  • Use cases: What’s the ecosystem around this service? Where can we see this existing, and under what conditions can we see this delivering value?


“…we understand that millennials are listening more frequently and streaming in more places than nonmillennials, including most often on mobile and desktop as they move from home to school to work. We also see that millennials' streaming habits are not as impacted by traditional peak consumption periods like prime time or drive time. They are connected all day from the moment they wake up."—Jeff Rossi, Spotify business marketing global director

We decided to focus our concept on Spotify’s music experience. We noticed that Spotify already has a form of personalized music:

  1. Different moods

  2. Facilitates Music Discovery

  3. Playlists, Recommendations, Suggestions FOR YOU



Meet Alice, your pocket DJ and personal companion!

Sweet, concerned, empathetic, and friendly AI assistant that wants to get to know your music-listening habits in order to boost your mood and understand you through the music that you listen to.

How she works

We wanted to create a conversational user interface that acts as an AI helper to enhance the music-listening experience for Spotify users. Alice personalizes music for you completely hands off by through the conversations you have with her and personalizes playlists based on your music tastes and daily habits and overall schedule (exercising, sleeping, working, etc).


05—Conversation Concepts


06—Visual Explorations

As a group we explored and analyzed different visuals and movement in both p5.js and still illustrations and concepts after making our mood board.

Mood board

07—Final Prototype

Our final iteration responds to emotional triggers by responding to words such as ‘happy’, ‘sad’, ‘angry’, or when no emotion is sensed—with a neutral state. This iteration was coded on p5.js and uses the responsive speech API to register what the user is saying to change accordingly.

Alice is represented by a fluid, circular, interactive animation, which appears when a user double taps an album cover. In addition to this animation, the conversation between Alice and the user is also overlaid on the album cover.

When the user speaks, Alice reacts by glowing. Alice also detects the emotional sentiment of the user’s word choice, and changes color based on this emotional sentiment.

Interact with the live prototype here!

Asset 1a.png