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Started by Julie Newman, Tiferet is a company with the mission to strengthen the lives of the Jewish people and seekers of the Jewish religion through spiritual practices that promote balance and growth. I have been commissioned to design the brand standards for the company and any promotional and print material.

Visual Design | Branding | Print
Spring 2018—Ongoing


Creating the Logo

The beginning designs were loosely based off of what Julie had first sent me. She sent me tiferet in the font Didot and used many different shades of purple (the color for spirituality) and different leaves. While the font was elegant, it felt a bit stiff to me, so I thought I could loosen it up with a relaxed looking leaf design.

I continued playing around with different leaves and explored different ways to incorporate it into the word. I also played with a large bold font and a minimalistic thin font to see if it would convey the brand better. I ended up liking that the bold made a stronger statement.

Further Design Explorations for events