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Vote Your Voice

Vote Your Voice is an unbiased app designed to help users find out which candidate’s values aligns up with theirs. It is intended to create an accessible environment that focuses on specific policies of interest while preventing outside biases from influencing their decisions when finding the right candidate to represent them.

UI/UX | Research
Fall 2018



At the time of the Adobe Creative Jam competition, Pittsburgh had just experienced a mass shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue that unnerved the community. At the same time, it was nearing the 2018 United States Senate election in Pennsylvania. 

With both of these events, many people wanted to learn more about possible future representative stances on gun control.


We conducted user surveys and interviews that were sent out to two groups—those who have voted and those who haven’t but can. 

Voters choose their candidates on three main considerations:

  • Personal stance on controversial issues

  • First impression evaluations of the personal characteristics of each candidate—race, gender, overall attraction

  • Party affiliation—generally either Republican or Democrat

Voters who don’t vote choose not to on two main considerations:

  • Low accessibility to obtain information on candidates relating to specific policies 

  • A lack of understanding the voting system.

Social behaviors and overall attitude towards policy and the individual strongly influence voting behavior.

03—Problem Scope

Many voters going into the election without having any knowledge of who the candidates are and what policies they represent. This leads outside biases to control their decisions or to prevent them from wanting to vote at all.

However, a lot of this information is either difficult to obtain or is too much of a hassle to spend time to look at each individual candidate. 

How do we design a system so that every candidate is represented equally with all of their values listed in an easy-to-access platform?

04—Persona Generation

We created two different personas, one that represents experienced voters and unexperienced voters. With this, we can better understand what goals and desires they have in regards to voting.

05—User Flow

We wanted to make the system straightforward and easily accessible in order to combat the complicated nature of the current system for finding representative information. We also made sure that the environment was restrictive enough to prevent content-overload and unintentional biases that may influence the user’s decisions while using the application.

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07—Visual System

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08—Finalized User Interface

09—Final Prototype

Walkthrough of application and animation testing